Selected Work for Publications 2005-2010

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Selected Work for Publications 2005-2010
Author Michael Baers
Language English
Publisher Heavy Traffic (14€)
City Berlin
Year 2010
Pages 104
Format 15 cm x 21 cm
Fabrication Softcover
E-book PDF (128 mb)

This book brings together a selection of Baers’ work for magazines, journals and other print initiatives over a six year period. Subjects ranging from the Danish left wing terrorist group, Blekingegadebandens, to strategies for surviving societal collapse in Bucharest are treated by Baers in his inimitable style, which mixes 1960s underground comic aesthetics with the structural and formal distanciation techniques of Jean-Luc Godard and Harun Farocki. The ten works in this collection have previously appeared in the e-flux journal, Fucking Good Art, and the now defunct Danish art journal, Sum Magazine for Samtidskunst, and includes the first appearance of Michael Baers in A Home for Lost Ideas, a work commissioned for the public initiative, but for reasons having nothing to do with the work’s quality, was eventually not included in that publication. (from publisher)