Sergei Zagny

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Composer and musical theorist. He was born in 1960 in Moscow. He was graduated at Moscow Conservatory in 1988 as a composer (prof.Leman) and as a theorist (prof. Vsevolod Zaderatsky). In 1990-1992 - postgraduate study (prof.A.Leman). Since May 1992 he is teaching at Moscow Conservatory (polyphony, harmony, analysis). Performer of improvised music playing nontraditional instruments. Since spring 1992 - director of "The Small Garden Orchestra" of The Individual Direction Workshop of Boris Juchananov. Since spring 1993 he is working at the Theremin Center where all his electronic works were created. Since summer 1993 - master of T.P.O. Composer. Zagny's music was played in Moscow, Petersburg, other places of Russia, in Italy, Germany, USA, Great Britain, France. Zagny's compositions completed by 1982, except BAROCKWERKE, were written in so called atonal or extratonal manner; BAROCKWERKE is the reconstruction of barock musical language, mainly of Bach's one. The majority of works written in 1982-1992 based on diatonity and tonality. Since 1990 compositions are built as multivarianted structures, supposed the performer's free to choose (simultaneously the adequate system of notation is working out). His theoretical work (e.g. The Transformations of Musical tructures) are the speculations upon the class of musical transformations based on the concept of mathematical function. The idea is realized in the our Canons(1981). John Cage First Russian Prize Laureate (1992).