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Theatre Laboratory Sfumato is a state theatre, which has the statute of theatre - laboratory.

Sfumato was created in 1989 by the producers Margartia Mladenova and Ivan Dobtchev as a territory for theatrical researches, based on the following creative principles:

Work in long-termed programs aimed to approach the poetics of a text or an author through several performances.

The difference between program and repertoire is in the nature of theatrical passion Pathos of the repertoire model is "something for everyone of us", so there is a passion for variety. The program itself is more like spiritual expedition to full of mysteries territory; penetration into someone's world, someone's areas /the world of Iovkov, Raditchkov or Chekov/ - this is a passion for digging. There are determinate ways of life in each of these worlds and they should be discovered /felt and realised/, accepted and respected - this is how the catechism / the poetics, the context/ of the performance is constructed. We are looking for the theatrical language, the form, the theatrical dramaturgy of those contents /but not just connotations/ that we have found there. So, we are looking for the aesthetics. Program is this better chance for you to inhabit author's world, to commensurate yourself with it; to sink in his areas of silence.

Theatre Laboratory Sfumato