Silvio Lorusso

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Silvio Lorusso, 2020. Photo: Joseph Knierzinger.
Silvio Lorusso 2020b.jpg

Silvio Lorusso’s work focuses on the cultures and rhetorical regimes embedded in techno-social systems. He is concerned with the narratives and counter-narratives that define platforms, devices and interfaces. In doing so, he engages with the tensions surrounding notions of labour, productivity, autonomy, self-design, entrepreneurship, precarity and failure. Lorusso's practice combines various media such as video, website, artist's book, installation and lecture. He also writes essays, curates exhibitions and organises public programmes. He published Entreprecariat (Onomatopee) in 2018 and What Design Can't Do (Set Margins') in 2023.

Currently, Silvio Lorusso is an assistant professor and co-director of the Centre for Other Worlds at Lusófona University in Lisbon, and a tutor at the Information Design department of the Design Academy Eindhoven. He has been a member of the Varia centre for everyday technology and part of the editorial board of the Italian graphic design magazine Progetto Grafico. Between 2018 and 2023 he was a coding tutor at the Graphic Design BA of the Royal Academy of Art of The Hague. His work has been presented at MaXXI, Rome; Transmediale, Berlin; The Photographers' Gallery, London; Kunsthalle Wien; NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf. He holds a PhD in Design Sciences from the School of Doctorate Studies of the IUAV University of Venice. His writing has appeared in various magazines and publications, including Volume, Real Life Magazine, Minima&Moralia, Not, Modes of Criticism, Printed Web 3, Metropolis M, Ludica, Digicult. Since 2013 he runs the Post-Digital Publishing Archive. He lives in Lisbon. (2024)