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The SocialEast Forum considers the art and visual culture of Eastern Europe through collaborative projects, exhibitions and seminars. The forum is based on cooperation between leading scholars from across Europe, as well as the involvement of curators, artists and other professionals who deal in their work with issues of art and memory. The goal of SocialEast is to encourage comparative research into the art history of the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, as well as to examine how a revised understanding of the achievements and circumstances of East European art impact on global interpretations of art history.

A major series of international seminars is organised through the SocialEast Forum. During 2006-7 SocialEast Seminars addressed issues of Art and Ideology, Art and Documentary, Art and Revolution, and Art and Memory in the context of East European art and visual culture. Forthcoming seminars in 2007-8 will focus on Art and Empire and the Legacy of 1968. Documentation of the seminars can be found on the SocialEast website [1]

The seminars are accompanied by contemporary art events, including exhibitions, artists' presentations and film screenings. These have included the exhibition Revolution is not a Garden Party which was held in Norwich Gallery and the Holden Gallery, as well as in Budapest and Zagreb, and the Socialist Memory film screening at Cornerhouse. Revolution is not a Garden Party is accompanied by an exhibition publication costing £12 and available from [2]

SocialEast Seminars have been held at Manchester Art Gallery, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art Budapest and Mimara Museum Zagreb, and the forthcoming seminars will also be organised at venues in both the UK and Eastern Europe.

The initiator of the SocialEast Forum is Dr Reuben Fowkes, Research Fellow at MIRIAD.