Some More Beginnings

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Some More Beginnings 1968 poster.jpg

Some More Beginnings was an international art and technology exhibition held at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City from 26 November 1968 to 5 January 1969.

"Again to stimulate interest in the technical community, Experiments in Art and Technology in the fall of 1967, announced a competition for the best contribution by an engineer to a work of art made in collaboration with an artist. The prize was to be given to the engineer. We also called for works incorporating technology to be selected for an exhibition organized by Pontus Hulten, The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age, at the MoMA in the fall of 1968. E.A.T. offered to match all interested engineers and artists. The judges for the competition were all engineers.

The E.A.T. competition had generated more than 120 submissions, including works by Ralph Morrill and Norton Wise, and the decision was made to show all these works."

  • Some More Beginnings: an Exhibition of Submitted Works Involving Technical Materials and Processes Organized By Staff and Members of Experiments in Art and Technology in Collaboration With the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York: Experiments in Art and Technology, 1968, 122 pp. Designed by Billy Klüver, Julie Martin, and Robert Rauschenberg. [1]