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Open Sound Workshop[edit]

General outline

general quick introduction to audio programmes that are used (including festival – who wants we can go deeper into
mbrola?? --> installing problems etc...) kluppe??!!
getting known and working with simple audio editors
getting known to databases and online exchange programmes
getting an introduction to a small history of computer music
introduction in connection tools (jack --> connecting to hydrogen and ardour)
introduction in pd (building small patches and try them out)


audacity - a simple audio editor running on all three platforms
jack - sound network server for audio applications
ardour - a multitracker using jack
hydrogen - simple drum looper
kluppe - a looper software
pure data - a visual sound programming language
mbrola - speech synthesis
festival - simple commandline text to speech synthesis building up on mbrola
icecast2 - icecast streaming server tools
MuSe - software to connect to an icecast server
aumix - simple mixer (there are several other ones!)

Installed Extras

all the ogg (streaming) libs
alsa sound architecture
pd-extended (sfread objects and the streaming objects)

General Things

installation took quite some time – especially when people showed up with their laptops. We should provide a certain amount of live cds with all the programmes included to make sure, that we don't install half of the time the software. (dyne:bolic and DehMudi --> try out!!!)

We should make sure, that the workshop is gender biased. All boys workshops we should refuse to make.

Also it would be helpful that we work with a stable group (that people don't come and go all the time) and that we know who will stay fixed at the workshop troughout the days.

We should continue to play examples of things done, as it is important for the people to know a little history of computer music and also what possibilities they have with it.

People need a lot of time to play with the tools we introduced to them.

Equipement that we can bring

live-cds --> dyne:bolic & agnula - DehMudi
microphones (for recording things or voices)
external soundcard

Equipement at the workshop space

mixer (capable of connecting at least 8 computers) including all the cables needed
enough headphones for the participants