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Soundcamp is a series of outdoors listening events on Dawn Chorus Day, linked by the Reveil 24-hour broadcast of live daybreak sounds. Organised annually since 2014.

SoundCamp is an art collective based at Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe, London. Since 2013 its practice has developed in response to this place, through residencies, collaborations and commissions. SoundCamp uses real-time technologies to reveal the site's hidden ecologies and make them audible to a diverse audience locally and remotely. This has been replicated in other locations and led to a growing network of listeners and DIY broadcasters sharing live sound from specific listening points - at home, outdoors, under water - in what has been called an emerging Acoustic Commons.

SoundCamp is coordinated in London by Maria Papadomanolaki, Dawn Scarfe, and Grant Smith. (2020)