Srdjan Dvornik

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Born 1953. Graduated philosophy and sociology, MA in political science. Took active part in various civic organisations, including Association for Yugoslav Democratic Initiative (UJDI), Anti-War Campaign, Civic Initiative for Freedom of Speech, ZaMir network, and Civic Committee for Human Rights. Taught in high schools and at the Zagreb University, worked as editor in social sciences and humanities in the "Naprijed" publishing house, and as programme coordinator and managing director in Croatian branches of international foundations (Open Society Institute and Heinrich Böll Stiftung). The most recent position was the executive director of the Croatian Helsinki Committee. Served as the chairman of the Council of the Green List party (an observer in the European Green Party) 2006-2008. Co-edited (with Christophe Solioz) the book Transformacija Hrvatske - sljedeći korak (Zagreb 2005, English edition Next Steps in Croatia's Transition Process (Nomos, Baden-Baden 2007). In late 2009 published the book Akteri bez društva (Actors Without Society) on the role of civic actors as 'agents of change' in the post-communist transformation in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia (Croatian edition: Heinrich Böll Stiftung and Fraktura, Zagreb 2009; English edition: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Berlin 2009). Published articles in social and political theory. Regularly publishes political commentaries and analyses for the Novi list newspaper, the Identitet magazine and the and e-news portals. Lives in Zagreb.