Stéphanie Manfroid

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Stéphanie Manfroid is an historian and archivist at the Mundaneum (1996), where she is responsible for the archives. She completed an inventory of the Mundaneum archives in relation to feminism, through which the Mundaneum was discovered via the figure of Leonie La Fontaine. She has been the head archivist at the Mundaneum since April 2002, and has organized a training program for archive classification which addresses the issue of preservation in the context of new technologies. She has been instrumental in placing the archives of the Mundaneum online using the Pallas software. Presently, her work is focused on the re-examination of the personal papers of Paul Otlet. Among her publications are Henri La Fontaine, Tracé(s) d’une vie [Henri La Fontaine, Traces of a Life] (Mons-Mundaneum, 2002); Colloque Archives Sonores [Conference on Audio Archives] (Mons, 2005); Les archives de la connaissance [The Archives of Knowledge] (Les impressions nouvelles, 2008).