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Standuino is a clone board of popular Arduino that is adapted to even more DIY approach. It allows you to build several kinds of devices just on the one very board using the simplicity of Arduino principles. The boards can be build by hand or bought preassembled. Our team reasearch and development is focused mainly on audio devices, but we are going to do visual and mechanical devices too. Besides the research our focus is to do workshops and to spread the basic electronics knowledge to wide range of people and bring them the joy of building their own electronic instruments and devices. The whole concept of Standuino is inspired and covered by the story of a pioneer of DIY art – Standa Filip. The name Standuino goes mainly from Standas name but also stands for what Standuino is best at-standalone applications. Besides aiming to be inovative in the fields of open-source and low-tech our big focus is cultural, contextual and historical in the fields of media art.

The Standuino team are: Václav Peloušek, Ondřej Merta, Ondřej Homola, Martin Baar, Blu and the spirit of Standa Filip


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