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Start (Society of the Devotees of the Artistic Film; Stowarzyszenia Miłośników Filmu Artystycznego), 1929-1935. Aleksander Ford, Wanda Jakubowska, Stanisĺaw Wohl, Jerzy Toeplitz, Jerzy Bossak, Eugeniusz Cękalski, Jerzy Zarzynski. The group dedicated to the recognition of film as a serious art form; at first made only short documentaries and reportages, its directors refusing to allow themselves to be limited by commercial requirements. Many of them did not make their debuts in feature film until after 1945, when they helped to lay the foundations for the nationalized film industry.

  • Leszek Armatys, "Myśl filmowa i działalność artystyczna 'STARTU'", Kwartalnik Filmowy 1961, nr 1.

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