Susanne Østby Sæther

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Researcher and curator based in Oslo. She has co-curated the exhibitions Comme au cinema: The Cinematic as Method and Metaphor (2008) at Fotogalleriet and Ghost in the Machine at Kunstnernes Hus (2008) and has published several articles, among others “Arkivets estetikk” in 80 millioner bilder (ed. Ekeberg/ Lund, 2008) and "Between the Hyperrepresentational and the Hyperreal. A sampling sensibility?" in Sutton, Brind and McKenzie (eds), The State of the Real. Aesthetics in the Digital Age (2007). Her Ph.D. dissertation The Aesthetics of Sampling: Engaging the media in recent video art (2009) discusses the repurposing of different media and archival material in contemporary cinema and art.