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Experimental electronic festival held at the Stalker Club in Kaliningrad in 2010.

stirliTZ — free electro acoustic | analog synths, sampler, ipod, metal buckets                                                                            
kolophonium nachtigall – experimental | DIY synts    
kratong  — dark ambient | synths, efx, acoustic instr-s, voice
not a mind — cyber jazz | DIYdevices, wsguitar, laptop                 
pet shop noise — drone, electro acoustic | guitar, ableton live, pure data
tufraniuh — i-hop | iphone         
выкл. - noisy weirdelica | cacophonator, bended synth, kaoss
innit   — noise, power electronics | Pocket PC, mices, efx, radio            
polar lights — ambient, IDM | laptop
singular — d’n’bass, jungle, big beat | samplers, efx, laptop
quell figure — IDM, Breakcore | laptop
естьнастроение  — пост-рокоделика | synth, голос, guitar, percussion
deepower — tribal | groovebox, efx, percussion
Video, photo, design – LAK (Ljubov & Konstantin), Grisha Selsky, Andrey Kolomyjtsev, Danil Akimov, Anton Vlasov, Slava Mishakov and others.
After party: DJs: YOU, Kuporos, Melodia (B-music, hip, funk, disco, electro pop)