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TanzLaboratorium theatre founded in 1999 in Kiev as a space for interactive communication between ukrainian and foreign dancers, performers and soundartists. Development of it's own approaches to the energy of movement and text. TanzLaboratorium is a co-founder of such projects as Improvisation University, International festival "Scene for Contemporary dance", Ukrainian Theatre Platform, different master-classes, workshops laboratories of contemporary dance and improvisation. Theatre took part in festivals in Ukraine, Germany, Russia, USA and Estonia.

It’s an independent performance group that works with time in given, randomly found or consciously chosen spaces. The group’s artistic strategy manifests itself in permeating the gaps between contemporary art forms and destructing the linguistic conventions of these forms.

TanzLaboratorium views art as life’s process being actualized through performativity. Performativity in this case means a particular mode of artistic activity that somehow thematizes temporality.

The group realizes its artistic practice primarily through working with the body as medium, with its own unique body-consciousness (proprioception) and body-imagination. The body is not used as an instrument but acts as the image author and critical agent for thinking. Physical practice is regarded as a method of critical analysis, and dance – by investigating its perception – becomes a way of thinking.

TanzLaboratorium is not concerned with progress or the future – whether better, happier, freer or apocalyptic. The group is interested in practices that enable movement toward the past, and precede art.

Performances : 
“and finish and start again…” 2006;
“Quetzalcoatl” 2006;
“Serial box” 2007;
“Kurbas. Reconstruction” 2007;
“Recreation” 2007, was made at Schloss Broellin, Germany in frame of Artists in Residents program;
“Event” 2008, collaborative project with pianist Yevhen Gromov (music by Karlheinz Stockhausen);
“Proprius” (dance piece with music by Karlheinz Stockhausen) 2008;
“Clinamen” 2008-2009;
“Value” - project in collaboration with Transforma (Swedish dance group)  presented in  Ukraine and Sweden in February-May 2009;
“Laboratory work #1” 2010;
“BUZA” 2010;
“Headless” 2010;
“Use your head to build!” 2010;
“10.10.10” 2010;
“Laboratory work #2” 2010;
“LOVE-scape”, performance made for the opening of the exhibition “Journey to the East”, Gallery Arsenal, Bialystok, Poland, 2011;
“(as if) Panopticon” – performance, video, installation – exhibited at “Impossible Community” exhibition, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.  2011;  
“Risk Assessment” (in collaboration with Jeremy Deller) - video, photo documentation of actions in the public space - 
exhibited at “Impossible Community” exhibition, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.  2011; 
Festivals :  
Kyiv Music Fest (Kyiv) 2006;
ECITE (Haslach, Austria) 2006;
Laboratory of performance (Kyiv, Ukraine) 2007;
Festival “ART-ALTERNATYVA” (Donetsk, Ukraine) 2008/2010;
Underground Theatre Festival (Arad, Romania) 2008/2009;
GogolFest (Kyiv, Ukraine) 2008;
Black/North Seas Festival (Odessa, Ukraine), participation in “Black Sea Oracle Game”
(performance installation of SIGNA (Denmark) 2008;
2days&2nights of New Music (Odessa, Ukraine) 2009;
INFANT (Novi Sad, Serbia) 2009;
Dni Sztuki Wspolczesnej (Bialystok, Poland) 2010;
Tyzhden/Week of Contemporary Art (L'viv, Ukraine) 2010;
Spielstrasse/Strassen (Kyiv, Ukraine) 2010;
Maska plus (Moscow, Russia) 2011;
“Journey to the East”, curated by Monika Szewczyk, Gallery Arsenal, Bialystok, Poland.  2011;
“Impossible Community”, curated by Viktor Misiano, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia.  2011;   
Artists in Residence (Les Kurbas National Theatre Arts Center, Kyiv, Ukraine) 2006-2010;
Artists in Residence (Schloss Broellin, Germany) 2007;
Artists in Residence (Burdag Foundation, Poland) 2011.

TanzLaboratorium has been organizing the annual Art-educational project Performativity

Link to the video-trailers: http://www.vimeo.com/user2943543