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Tenpoint are a collective of Kyiv (Ukraine) based visual artists Maxym Poberezhskyi and Oleksii Tyshchenko who practice live video performances and explore interactive digital art.
Participated in Detali Zvuku festival since its foundation, Kvitnu fest (experimental electronic music festival), Gogolfest (since 2008).

At the same time Tenpoint are co-founders and resident VJs of Kievbass — Kyiv (Ukraine) based nights which found to become a meeting point for Ukrainian higher context audience and present up to date electronic dance sound + modern visual-arts.

Tenpoint's own style has sound form, often with provocative content. Combination of narration and abstraction is also one of the most important components.
Tenpoint has collaborated as a visual support team with such musicians as Extrawelt, Scorn, Sex in Dallas, Goldie, Tobias Schmidt, Juno Reactor, Esthetic Education, Dakha Brakha, Shpongle, Hallucinogen, Controlled Weirdness, Distance, MRK1, Neil Landstrumm, VEX’D, DMX KREW, Ottosiderspunk, Kalbata, iTAL Tek, Tim Exile, SCANONE, Radioactive Man, Cursor Miner, Jerome Hill, Elemental, Noyeahno, Warlock, DARQWAN, Kotra, Dunaewsky 69, Andrey Kiritchenko, Valta, Minikin, DJ Feelaz, Nôze and many others.