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Teresa Żarnowerówna (1897, Warsaw – 1949, New York) was a Polish avant-garde painter, graphic artist, sculptor, set designer and co-author of architectural designs.

In the years 1915-1920 she studied at the Warsaw School of Fine Arts in Edward Wittig’s studio. She collaborated with Mieczyslaw Szczuka; they both shown their works at the New Art Exhibition in Vilnius (1923), at Der Sturm gallery in Berlin in 1923, at the International Exhibition of Modern Art in Bucharest (1924), and at Warsaw's Polonia Artistic Club in 1924-25. In Berlin they exhibited twenty-two objects, including sculpture, drawings, and paintings. She also participated in the First International Exhibition of Architecture in Warsaw. She was a member and co-founder of the Warsaw art group Blok, associated with the magazine of the same name of which she was a co-editor. She also edited Dźwignia magazine following Szczuka's death. Both magazines serve as the primary source of information about her work since most of her original works were lost. She left Poland in 1937, and spent the last years of her life in the U.S.



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