The Street

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The Street
Author Francesc Ruiz
Language English
Publisher GIBCA 2017 (free)
City Gothenburg
Year 2017
Pages 14
E-book PDF (8 mb)

Francesc Ruiz has undertaken extensive research into the history of comic books, particularly in relation to issues of subculture, social class and sexuality in different cultural contexts. For this project titled The Street, he was interested in creating the construction of narratives using a commercial street as non-linear comics in which every shop window works as one panel of a comic strip. The installation took the form of a life-size street, made through a large drawing by Ruiz, which people could walk through to view. Ruiz designed and built an actual street façade structure based on his drawings, similar to the ones used on the sets of films and TV series, creating only the façade, to simulate a street. This street was approximately 20 metres in length, and was presented outdoors in public space and developed in a site-specific way, following site research undertaken by Ruiz in Gothenburg. (from publisher). The accompanying booklet was given away during the show.