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lxlxl (a.k.a.) Thr3hold is a collective born in Gijón (Spain) in 2008 bringing together common visions and worries from its members.

Th3hold works on different areas related to audio-visual, mainly focused on videocreation and audio-live visuals in the experimental electronic field as well as installations where light, image and sound in their most abstract way work as their main ingredients. Having a solid background on graphic, industrial design and technology, their pieces of work are based on exploration and experimentation of new visual tendencies keeping the maximum simplicity and conceptual abstraction of the compositions.

Opened to collaboration, lxlxl creates links between audio-visual artists, in a short period of time they have developed common projects with Logical Disorder (Barcelona), Music for Khaos (Madrid), Juanjo Palacios (Gijon), Galgo (Gijón). In 2011 introduced in LEV Festival its 3d anaglyph visual set for Ital Tek live. Currently, they are developing large-scale projects closer to urban and architectural intervention (self-managed Acúfenos Festival @ La Tabacalera-Madrid).

They also organized Trendelenburg, a live platform focused to spread postdigital audiovisual creations. The main event is a free annual meeting to be held every March in public spaces in the city of Gijón, Asturias. This year, in those days, we will have a large selection of national and international artists, workshops, round table, and paralell activities to enjoy and share work between public and artists.

lxlxl (aka Thr3hold) consists of Rodolfo Garcia Lillo and Maria Fernandez Alvarez.


               Creation of Thr3hold


OPTICA Festival Videoart festival @ Centro Cultura Antiguo Instituto (Gijón) Live visuals for Juanjo Palacios (Gijón) and Aermneme (Gijón)

After FICX. Gijón Film Festival night party @ Sonotone Club (Gijón). DJ/VJ Set.

“Energy only Change Form” short film (presentado al Festival DIBA)

XIZIDIUM Festival @ Varsovia Club (Gijón) Live visuals for Juanjo Palacios (Gijón), Galgo (Gijón), Mauri (Barcelona), Disembowelment Process (Avilés) and Valenoise (Mieres).


Trendelenburg 0.1 Audiovisual Festival @ LABoral Art Centre (Gijón) Direction, design and schedule Live visuals for Juanjo Palacios (Gijón) and Galgo (Gijón).

Creation of lxlxl

Video ambient for Zan Hoffman (USA) @ Centro Cultural Torrente Ballester

Vídeoclip “Son prénom est” by Mauri (BCN).

Showcase Valles Eléctricos (Valles)

LEV Festival. LABoral Art Centr (Gijón) - Convocatoria ScannerFM Live visuals for Logical Disorder (Barcelona).

After FICX. Gijón Film Festival night party @ Sonotone Club (Gijón). DJ/VJ Set

Ciclos Evening (Madrid) and meeting in Labiche (Madrid). Live visuals for Galgo

Acúfenos Festival. Self managed festival of electronic music @ Tabacalera Live visuals for Juanjo Palacios (Gijón), Microplex, AQuietNorway and Pangea.

First Visual Artists in Fordward Council index


Trendelenburg 1.2 Festival Audiovisual. Museo del Ferrocarril(Gijón) Dirección, diseño gráfico y programación.

LEV Festival. @ LABoral Art Centr (Gijón) Visuales para Ital Tek (UK)

Videoclip “Bajo Tiranía de Dictadura democrática” by Jesús Vögel

Live Visuals for Galgo (Gijón)

Artist Residence in Convent of San Paio (Portugal)

lxlxl: Exhibition “Light, Line, Logic” in Merced, 3 (Gijón)


International Meeting TRENDELENBURG2.3 Museum Barjola, Museum Jovellanos and Acuarium of Gijón Direction, design and schedule

I Festival Live Cinema of Sagunto (Valencia) Scanning Playtime project

TRENDELENBURG Express Museum Barjola (Gijón) Collaborative project with Iván Torres and Non Ergo.

#Kedarte2012 @ Morille (Salamanca) Cultural meeting around art, technology and rural development Collaborative project with .Tape.

Estrada Project Multidisciplinary editorial project (Gijón). Graphic Collaboration.

Fumo Festival. Setubal (Portugal) Thr3hold Collective: Live visuals for Vitor Joaquim (Portugal)

Curators in The Museum Nights @ Railway Museum (Gijón)