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Street artist working in Brno, active from the second half of the 2000s.

His work is distinguishable from other street art works and is an example of publicly functional art. It speaks to the wide range of audience and during the years he came to be known also outside of Brno.

Timo frequently works with poetry, combining his own and appropriated poems and short text phrases with visual aesthetics of typography and graffiti. These are placed on corners, bins, walls in the city center, as well as on the large bridge pillars, accompanied by paintings.

He also works with corporate logo design appropriation, for example Albertina (juxtaposing logotypes of the Viennese art museum with the large supermarket chain Albert), Home Credit (criticism of the loan company), Hovna (criticism of the private TV channel Nova) and Drama (parody on butter product called Rama).

His other works are based on specific typographic form. Imagine large white wall with large pure black „TICHO“ writing (means SILENCE in english) which is placed on pillar of the noisy and bussy highway bridge. The pure form of the piece that autor uses, has immersive impact on perception and stengthens the core idea of the artwork.


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