Tomasz Szkudlarek

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Educator, professor, director of the Department of Philosophy of Upbringing and Cultural Studies at the Institute of Pedagogy of the University of Gdańsk, Gdansk. One of the world’s leading representatives of critical social studies – critical pedagogy, cultural pedagogy, radical pedagogy. Guest lecturer at the University of Hiroshima, 2001; Institute of Behavioral Sciences at Linköping University (Sweden) in 2000-2002; at Ph.D. studies (The Normative Dimension of Higher Education programme) at the University of Oslo (Norway), 2003. Doctor honoris causa of the Linköping University. Author of numerous articles and publications in philosophy of upbringing, critical pedagogy and the media, among others, Freshmen Students on Education and Work (study report co-author), 2003; Kultura,tożsamosc i edukacja. Migotanie znaczeń (co-author Zbyszko Melosik), 1998; The Problem of Freedom in Postmodern Education, 1993.