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Author Guillaume Pinard
Language French
Publisher Lienart, Anne Barrault (10€)
City Montreuil-sous-Bois, Paris
Year 2010
Pages 32
Format 20 cm x 26.5 cm
ISBN 978-2-35906-043-0
E-book PDF (13 mb)

Guillaume Pinard’s oil paintings draw from childhood. He creates radiant, vivid, bright motifs. In a willingly schoolish way, he frames them in elementary, narrow perspectives. He isolates them in a sort of container without wrapping, a box, open surely not by accident, to reveal the “Oh, sorry! Me, that is this, too!" of their hidden nature. Whether they are a solar rabbit drinking the brew from a headless body, a proud well-hung horse, a virgin fiercely intending to remain so, or a vase with balls, the figures of Guillaume Pinard reveal his obsession with readability. (from publisher)