Tommaso Tozzi

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Born 1960. He is probably one of the first Italian artists who worked since early Nineties only on new media and the net. Rather than building installations or objects, the artist exploits new media as instruments of communication, creating spaces for discussion and meeting places. Before getting wired, Tozzi had developed a magazine transmitted by fax, an artzine only readable through BBS and an art magazine that was posted on walls. He was co-founder of the artistic group Strano Network in 1993 (Florence) and works as a Professor in the Department of Mass Media in Accademia di Belle Arti of Carrara. He was the founder of Hacker Art BBS (1990), the first artistic network in Italy and creator of the first Netstrike in the world (1995). Founding member of the italian newsgroup Cyberpunk (1991) and of the net Cybernet (1993). Publications: Hacktivism. La libertà nelle maglie della rete, ManifestoLibri, 2002; with Strano Network: Nubi all'orizzonte (1996), Net Strike, no copyright, etc.- Pratiche antagoniste nell'era telematica (1996). He also work with the collective Isole Nella Rete.