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Centre for contemporary art in the East End of Stavanger since 2001.

Tou Scene's main public spaces consist of, amongst others, two different performance stages, not to mention a number of additional rooms that are used for various cultural and commercial projects.

Throughout the year, Tou Scene presents to the public a program which embraces a wide range of cultural forms and artistic enterprise. Because of this, Tou has deservedly been put on the map as one of Norway's most progressive and dynamic cultural arenas.

Tou Scene runs and manages the Tou Café Bar, which is open daily. The Café serves a dual-purpose: in the daytime it is the scene for lunches and meetings, while in the evenings it serves as a bar, supplying refreshments at cultural events.

Tou Scene is founded on the activities of a network of creative artists. The building is home to a wide range of tenants: artists, organisations and companies/businesses, all these contribute to making Tou a productive, working space. Other artists are more directly involved with developing the program.

Tou Scene also runs the art-laboratory-project Tou Works, and welcomes international guest-artists to work and stay in the TAOH-residence.

Tou Scene sees itself as an independent art centre and is a member of the network Trans Europe Halles.

The centre is organised as a non-profit limited company owned by artists and supporters.