Transitland Destination Berlin

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Transitland Destination Berlin took place in Berlin at Collegium Hungaricum on 6-8 November 2009 to commemorate and celebrate the events of 9 November 1989 - the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and the ensuing changes throughout Europe and the world.

TDB celebrates the launch of the digital video archive, making it accessible to the public and contextualising the work with a programme of complementary discussions, performances and screenings taking place over the course of three days. Highlighting the ongoing work of 'New Europe', TDB premieres the 6 commissioned video works of the Transitland project and the Transitland publication.

Transitland EUROPA is a collaborative project organized by InterSpace [Sofia], transmediale [Berlin] and Ludwig Museum [Budapest] that aims to create a video archive of 100 works spanning the 20 years since the fall of the Berlin wall. The archive of 100 works includes works, produced in the period 1989-2008 and newly commissioned videos (produced in 2009).