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"TRAUMAWIEN considers the paradox of transferring late-breaking digital aesthetics into book form, as new media narrative snapshots of literary genres otherwise quickly lost in the immense output produced by web every second.

TRAUMAWIEN book publications help to highlight technological innovations while at the same time questioning imminent issues of text production in virtual space.

Our range not only includes networked texts, algorithmic texts, interfictions, chatlogs, codeworks, software art and visual mashup prose. We also research possible touch points between the book as an object and virtual space. In form of, for example, hybrid books (augmented reality) of which the first was published in July 2010. TRAUMAWIEN publications are understood as schemes in which the author remains, but already is marginalized as a producer.

The author – in a prototypical trauma book – remains exchangeable by the form of possible writing, writing systems, generating genre." [1]

Ran by Luc Gross, Julian Palacz, and Peter Moosgaard.