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I'm improviser and a designer with especial interests in sustainable design. I play tapes, amplified objects, crackle-box, circuit bending among other things. I'm discovering every day that the source dosent matter , each object it..s a infinity source of sounds. established a straight relation with music in 1990, manly with jazz and improvised music. Since then i had the honor of playing with a lot of very nice and talented musicians - such as Rafael Toral, Sei Miguel, Nuno Rebelo, Ernesto Rodrigues, Heddy Boubaker, Patrick Brennan, Adriana Sá, Rodrigo Amado, Bryan Eubanks, Mathias Pontevia, Nush Werchowska, Manuel Mota, Antonio Contador, IFF, Flak, Oblat, Katsura Yamauchi, André Gonçalves, Calhau, Nicholas Ng, Miguel Sá, Carlos Santos, Miguel Cabral, Emídio Buchinho, Hernani Faustino..... For the moment I'm working in full time with Clean Feed records, doing mostly cover design.