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Trendelenburg is a platform for the widespread of interdisciplinary proposals that provide new expressions within the sound art and visual experimentation fields promoted by the homonymous collective, a result of the collaboration between Thr3hold (visual creation collective) and Galgo García (sound artist and photographer). The essence of Trendelenburg translates into a free conference that focuses on new forms of expression and related live performances: synthesis of real-time sound and improvisation (both visual and sound); projects wherein avant-garde stage proposals merge with experimental audio live performances; interventions of space; audiovisual events based on new technologies. Live work contributes to the merging of sound and the work of visual artists in all its dimensions, complementing each other and establishing a dialogue that enriches the actions. The conference’s programme, with international, national and local artists, is an ideal forum to foster new collaborations and exchange experiences, both in the personal and artistic sense, which is enriching for everyone, and that otherwise might not happen. If you wish to contact us you can do so by email to