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Tribuna is a legendary student magazine with a strong legacy of critical reflections on society. Established in 1951 it first served as a students' bulletin which in the 1960s evolved into a confrontational magazine that was banned several times. Among the contributors were many of today's intellectuals and politicians (for example, Mladen Dolar, Lev Kreft, Darko Štrajn, Marcel Štefančič, Igor Ž. Žagar, Rastko Močnik, Igor Lukšič, Slavoj Žižek, Igor Bavčar, and Dimitrij Rupel). Tribuna has also served as a platform for conceptual art. In 1966, for example, the OHO Group (1966–1971) published there its OHO Manifesto (written by Iztok Geister and Marko Pogačnik).

Tribuna later stagnated and ceased to exist in 1998. In December 2009, however, a new editorial team re-established the magazine as an independent voice of civil society, published by the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana. With its proactive editorial policy it questions the principles of media objectivity. The resurrected Tribuna is a monthly in Slovenian language and brings interviews, "tribunals", reviews, illustrations and comics. It is distributed free of charge at the faculties of the University of Ljubljana, as well as at bars, galleries, and libraries. Its content (Slovenian) is available under the Creative Commons licence. Its unique typography Tribunal and the ovreall graphic design were conceived by Aljaž Vindiš who won the Grand Prix at the Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications in 2011.