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tv-tv is a non-commercial, artist-run TV-station based in Copenhagen, broadcasting locally since 2005 and as of November 2009 across the whole of Denmark.

In 2010, the programmes are produced under the conceptual framework of "i mellemtiden..." / "meanwhile...".

tv-tv/i mellemtiden can be watched across Denmark on the regional "TV2" digital TV-Station:
København: Kanal Hovedstaden | Fyn: TV Fyn | Midtvest: TV Midtvest | Bornholm: Kanal Bornholm | Nord: Kanal Nord | Syd: Kanal Syd | Øst: Kanal Øst | Østjylland: Kanal Østjylland.

Editorial board: Kirsten Dufour, Kent Hansen, Linda Hilfling, Kristoffer Gansing.