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The radical publishing house based in Moscow, founded by poet Ilya Kormiltsev in 2002. In times of perestroika Ilya Kormiltsev had been an author of songs sung by the whole country: he was a writer to the Yekaterinburg rock-band Nautilus Pompilius, a headliner of perestroika. Last year he made his last scandal, accusing former "Nautilus" leader Butusov of singing these very songs before the "putinist youth" movement "Nashi", renouncing him right to perform these pieces, written by "his sweat and blood", before "conformist goblins". He died in London of cancer in Feb 2003.

A number of books published by Ultra.Culture were prohibited by courts for drugs propaganda and pornography, confiscated and burnt: history of marijuana, history of LSD, Adam Parfrey's "Apocalypse culture". Numerous other books were published, such as the first Russian Beat anthology, Subcomandante Marcos, compilations on cyberculture, hacking, political extremism, translations of Nick Cave, Pierre Bordage.