Undocumented The Architecture of Migrant Detention

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Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention
Author Tings Chak
Text Syed Hussan
Language English
Publisher Ad Astra Comix ($10-20)
Year 2017
Pages 132
Format 17 cm x 24 cm
Fabrication Offset
ISBN 978-0-9940507-6-2
E-book PDF (38 mb)

Using comics, interviews, and architectural sketches, Undocumented explores a growing industry in an era of militarised borders, state surveillance, and criminalized migration. Originally released in 2014 to an architectural audience, this special edition from Ad Astra Comix features an updated afterword by Syed Hussan (No One Is Illegal, Toronto), as well as an interview with a former detainee. Focusing on Canada's migrant detention system, where detainees are often held in maximum security prisons without charges for indefinite periods of time, Undocumented draws chilling conclusions about the societies that tolerate these punitive spaces of confinement. Proceeds from the sale of each book go to the End Immigration Detention Network. (from publisher)