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students workshop exploring ART IN PUBLIC SPACE / within 3 study branches ART – SOCIOLOGY – SPATIAL PLANNING / in 3 cities Brno (CZ) – Budapest(HU) –Bratislava(SK)

- the project aims to push the traditional/ stereotype/ sense of urban public space and encourage the actors/ students/ to take creative and active attitude towards their environment – objects, space or situations. We are inspired by the idea of the street/ city/ as a living organism that is able to influence, inspire, or communicate.

- the relationship between a “man” and “space” has several aspects – creation of space for living, architecture as a social symbol, art as an integral part of public space, reactions to the actions in the surrounding material world, influences of the environment.

- connecting topic of the student’s presentations within our project will be specific sites in the collaborating cities (after consultations with the specialists and city representatives) are brownfields, - as opposition to the well known term green field.

- collaborating will be selected students from 3 Universities – artists from Fakulta vytvarnich umeni Brno, sociologists from Eotvos Lorand University Budapest, spatial planners from Slovenska Technicka Univerzita in Bratislava as well as other consultants and collaborators.

- the main goal is communication of the students (seminar, personal meetings, e-mails, discussions) and common attempt to find optimum solution. We think it’s especially necessary to combine different approaches and disciplines as a simulation of the real life situations, where the future artists, sociologists and spatial planners will have to deal with each other. - We want also to explore how general public accepts this interventions, solutions (openness in communication, providing permissions to use spaces etc.), how citizens accept their environment, accessibility, clearness of communication

- leaders Zuzana Duchová (Bratislava,SK), Barbora Šedivá (Brno,CZ) - members of Atrakt Art