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Arturo Moya Villén [1][edit]

New Media Artist, Sound Artist, Composer, Performer and Curator.

I started my creative professional path in the electroacoustic music field, studying electroacoustic composition with Gabriel Brncic at PHONOS Laboratory (Barcelona). My interests became wider and gradually they led me to sound art and new media art, particularly in sound installation and performance with new technologies, for which I frequently use interactive devices. My work has been developed in the relationship between body, discourse, domination and technology.

My activity is developed in diverse fields, from creation to organization: I have been president of the Spanish Electroacoustic Music Association, [], president and founder of EX, Electronic and Experimental Art Association []; director of several “Punto de Encuentro” International Festivals of Electroacoustic Music, curator for Experimental Music in “Circuito Electrovisiones", creator of “JUSTECH ‘15, '16 and '17", Call for electronic and experimental art works, etc. I have presented my works, interventions, actions, videos or installations in auditoriums and museums in Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, United States, France, Belgium, Mexico, United Kingdom and Germany.

While working as a lecturer, I also write articles and teach courses and workshops on sound art, sound installation, new media art, contemporary and electroacoustic music. I have also participated as a jury in national and international electronic art and electroacoustic music contests.