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Holeng (b.1982) is a fine arts photographer and independent curator from Singapore. She is a founder the international curatorial collective 7x8curators. 'Free will', the ability to act and think freely according to whatever that is felt by the inner mind. Holeng approaches art through a subtle while not 'being in control' manner. Her love for photography has led her to the path of film. Ho leng expresses herself artistically in photography, filmmaking and writing, her works are based on what is 'felt', rather than what has been 'seen'. She pursues ideas with an open mind and heart. Finding beauty in a beautiful scenario is easy. Imagine finding beauty in imperfection and chaos, the meaning is thus intensified and that subtle beauty could be of intrinsic value. For Holeng, her works speaks for itself and thus do not need any superficial statements from our world of ‘meaningless –isms’. Her recent curated exhibition 'An Urban Analogue' was held during the Annual International Visual Sociology Association Conference 2013 in London. She holds an MA in Photography & Urban Cultures from Goldsmiths University of London. Her forthcoming projects include Lyrical Memoirs: The Old ‘Dutch’ House (c.1928)at Southeast Asia in Transition Symposium (2014) at the University of Oxford, artist talk at Independent Curators International New York (ICI) 2015. Her curatorial work has opened doors to her; nefariously open-minded to exploration of new ideology, theory and philosophy.