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HERTZ | Kunst-Plattform


is a name of freshly emerged promoteur group based in Brno, Czech Republic. HERTZ defines a club representation of the audiovisual taste of its members, we can say it represents the "fresh wind" of Brno's alternative scene. Their core and difference from the other promoteur groups is in precision based club nights accompanied with terse visuals and "Berlin-influenced" electronic music that Brno lacked - complex audiovisual experience with the help of intense range of soundscapes, creating unique worlds of digital fiction in a club environment. In fact, events of this kind (whole clubbing sphere) offer a version of abstract virtual reality, that people come for, and like to participate in - people from HERTZ are aware of that and work with this attitude.

From techno to experimental, HERTZ dramaturgy is defined by youth-driven, new-media influenced energy of its members, who gave their spirits to event/club design and everything related, who connect local and foreign sound artists, visual artists, djs and producers into special events that they create. Strict lines, geometry, numbers, computations, precision, but also glitch, noise, experiment, etc. That's what roughly defines HERTZ and their tenor. Let's not say "boundaries". The boundaries of HERTZ may only be the limits of members' open minds, style preference, or their preference of "kunst" itself.

Born in the characteristic environment of dissatisfying, post-communist cultural life of Czechoslovakia, the nicknames of HERTZ members are: Mojave, Nina Pixel, Matwe, Krlshp, Vlat and Hierweg, the VJ.

However, clubbing and the creation of themed, style-specific "parties" is just the beginning of "Kunst-Plattform". Within the heads of these people, driven by a simple question: "Why shouldn't we?", we can see a new wave of personalities emerging. Hiding behind the pervasive shortcut of DJs, there is much more to offer in their background, let's at least scratch the surface here:

  • Mojave - guitarist, and guitar music influenced searcher for new electronic possibilities, coding within IBM infrastructure, lost in his own world in headphones.
  • Nina Pixel - the voice of the underground, lurking around knobs, pads, sliders and destroyed sound compositions, the face of immense joy when a new noise sound or drilled out structure is found, strict lines of her geometry-based visuals bending under the weight of her sets.
  • Matwe - the constantly unsatisfied, un-organized organizer and safety manager, searching for the rendering of the term "Ultimate Music" in various genres, that he'll never find and he knows it, though dedicated his life to this endless search anyway.
  • Krlshp - talented vinyltripper with a strict taste of audiovisual culture and a scent for success, passionate organizer and ego obsessed, not just the records collector.
  • Vlat - the minimal kid, controller tweaker, sound hound, room-shaking persona for whom you want to build a studio, just because he deserves it.
  • Hierweg - the VJ, born on hard rock of our fathers, driven by the economist world of numbers, his visuals are exploding into encoded orgasms of logic and geometry.
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