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Alexander Acosta Osorio Born in Colombia, 1980

Alexander is a graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication from the American University in Bulgaria. He works with digital media: multimedia journalism, blogging, photography, video, film and the web. Alexander also studied fine arts at LaGuardia Comunity College at The City University of New York- CUNY.

During his time in New York City Alexander developed a range of work in different media that finally lead to his predominant interest in photography. In his body of work Alexander explores the relationships we have with the objects that surround us and with the situations we find ourselves in every day. He is interested in how these relationships change the way we perceive ourselves, and consequently, the way we look at things.

Today, Alexander is in a new stage of development in Bulgaria.

"When I first came to Bulgaria I was amused by this vibrant, emblematic, and fascinating country. Living here and experiencing their customs and traditions first hand has helped me to observe beyond the surface and interpret visually the magic of Bulgaria and its relationship with other member states in the EU. Now I live here and record life the way it’s presented to me. It’s indeed a discovering process. In my photographs I recollect the Bulgarian experience in its colorful tonalities, uniqueness, and enchanted mood."


European Photography Month- SAMCA project. Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art, November 2011.

Solo exhibition at the American University in Bulgaria- November 2010.

Somos: latino heritage exhibition. LaGuardia Community College-CUNY 2009, 2008

1000 DRAWINGS. Artists Space. Soho, New York. November 2008, 2007,2006,2005

International Artists Show, LaGuardia Community College-CUNY, 2007

WORKS ON PAPER flux factory,Long Island City, NY 2006

SAON de EXPACE#3. AG gallery, Williamsbourg, Brookly, NY 2006, 2005


Bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. The American Univeristy in Bulgaria, 2011.

Associate degree in Fine Art. Drawing, Painting, and Photography. LaGuardia Community College- CUNY, 2008

International Business studies. Politecnico Grancolombiano, 2000-2003

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When Alexander is not dedicating his time to the arts, culture and/or education, he makes a living providing support in the areas of project management, digital media, and communications for IT service management.