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Václav Kučera (born 29 April 1929 in Prague) was studying at the Charles University in Prague (1948-51) musicology, aesthetics, philology, and in Moscow at the Tchaikovski Conservatoire (1951-56) composition with Vissarion Shebalin and musicology with L.A.Maazel, V.A.Zuckerman, N.V.Tumanina et al. Graduated with the dance drama The Brigands’ Fire and a dissertation about Leos Janacek.

As composer, Kučera has always been more and more concentratedly heading from his admiration for Janacek, Stravinsky and Prokofiev and from an effort to express the character of Czech and Moravian melodiousness towards a modern musical idiom and individual style synthesising expressiveness with New Music compositional technology.

Kučera’s entire work includes more than 150 titles of music in different genres including electronics.

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