Valentina Pellizzer

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Valentina Pellizzer, co-discussant of the ICANN study, is executive director of OneWorld – Platform for Southeast Europe Foundation, based in Sarajevo, Bosnia. This organization stems from the OneWorld South East Europe Initiative, a multilingual and multimedia portal for civil society. The programme aims to create a platform that puts the internet at the service of fragile and brave local civil societies. A feminist activist, she is also a board member of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC), a member of the Women Network Support Programme (WNSP) and Women Information Technology Transfer (WITT). She also has experience coordinating relief programs and development programmes, including the distribution of humanitarian aid, the establishment of health services for women refugees, the supervision of micro-credit schemes, and the implementation of an integrated refugee return programme. A citizen of Italy with a degree in law, she has worked in the Western Balkans since 1994.