Valery Beluntsov

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Born in Moscow in 1969. Composer. Since 1976 until 1987 learned in the Central Musical College in Moscow, majoring in piano playing and musicology. Then, during two years he was a soldier of the Soviet Army playing trombone in the military orchestra. Since 1989 until 1994 he is a student in the Moscow Conservatory of Music majoring in composition under the leading by Tikhon Khrennikov. During 3 years he was a performer in the Old Music Ensemble playing recorders and harpsicord. In 1990 he worked in the "Na Doskakh" theater studio as a composer composing music for different spectacles: "History of Marathe", Chekhov's "Breakdown" and many other ones. In the same year he started to work as a programmer, and since january 1992 he is a teacher of musical informatics, programming and electro-acoustic music in the Moscow State Musical College. There he founded Electro-acoustic studio. In 1992 he came into the Theremin Center and created about 30 electro-acoustic compositions. One of them was mentioned at the Bourge competition in 1993. Among his artistic experiences there are one symphony, piano concert, four piano sonatas, three string quartets, woodwind quintet, brass quintet, many pieces for different ensembles, pieces for piano, cello, theremin-vox and other instruments; also romances, about 200 songs over his own words, 64 "Singverses"; also many poems and stories written in russian, italian, german, english and other languages. He plays piano, guitar, recorder, theremin-vox, brass instruments, percussions, organ and harpsicord. Now electro-acoustic music is the main direction of his activities.