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Artists and technicians from Austria and Germany. Various, changing members (Karel Dudesek, Benjamin Heidersberger, Gerard Couty and Mike Hentz) have formed Van Gogh TV since 1986 in the Ponton European Media Art Lab. Some of their members developed joint projects from as early as 1979 in the Minus Delta T group. Now active in Hamburg and Hanover; work in interactive television including the development of models of three-dimensional space and interaction for networks.

Piazza Virtuale is an interactive television project that could be received all over Europe via 4 satellites for 100 days during documenta IX in 1992. Visitors to documenta could beam themselves in via videophones and cameras that had been permanently installed in Kassel and other European cities to the live broadcast called Piazza Virtuale. It was possible to use telephone, fax or modem to dial into the broadcast from home. The aim of the project was to transform the mass medium of television into an interactive medium that reverses the relationship of one broadcaster and many receivers.

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