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Video CD international video biennial organised by Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana; 1983-1989, four biennials in total. The very first event resulted in the introduction of video into Slovene institutions, enabled links with guest artists and curators, and stimulated the gradual assertion of Slovene video internationally. It presented foreign video art and television creations, and enabled production within a video workshop at a temporary video studio. Miha Vipotnik, the director of the festival, endeavoured - unsuccessfully - for several years to establish a permanent international video centre at Cankarjev Dom. The main attractions at the video workshop were the Australian artists Robert Randall and Frank Bendinelli, who created A Foreign Affair video in collaboration with students of the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts. This was the first acquaintance with the blue key procedure, the layering of background surfaces and actions, in Slovenia. They shot small collages rather than real settings, and these collages became settings for scenes acted out by actors in an entirely blue room. They also did two video installations in the ŠKUC Gallery, screened their videos, and talked about their work and the Australian video scene. The 1989 biennial was organised by Marina Gržinić, was held in Cankarjev Dom.

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