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In 1984 the Videonale Bonn was launched as an international festival and competition for art videos and since then has constantly expanded and altered. Apart from the competition the Videonale now presents itself with a large exhibition for installations and panel discussions on current topics in media art. So, for instance presenting Germany’s media academies and media centres and discussing their contribution to the further development of media art.

Since 1993 the event "Videonale Intermezzo" has been organized in close cooperation with the Videonale. A series of lectures on the history of media art entitled “Elektronenströme” has been run since 1995, which scrutinizes aspects of art history and media theory. Together with the Bonner Kunstverein and the Bonner Kinemathek (cinema in the Brotfabrik) the Videonale has organized events and brought its programmes to other museums in various cities, as for example to the Museum Ludwig in Cologne in 2003. The wide range of Videonale events vividly presents Bonn as a centre for media art.

The Videonale has already organized several lecture evenings entitled »Elektronenströme« which intensely investigate video art from an art-historical point of view. This series is now being revived in the run-up to the Videonale 10.