Virginia Barratt

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Virginia Barratt is an Australian researcher, artist, writer and performer. She is writing a PhD at Western Sydney University in the Writing and Society Centre. Her doctoral research focuses on panic, affect and deterritorialization, explored through performance, experimental poetics and Vocalities. Virginia is a founding member of the cyberfeminist collective VNS Matrix, still active through occasional collaborations. Her most recent works have been performed in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Sydney, Helsingør, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Performing Arts Forum (PAF) and the Sorbonne in France, Humboldt University and Kunsthaus KuLe in Berlin. Virginia Barratt has been widely published, including in: Cordite Poetry Review, Writing from Below, TEXT Journal, Overland, Plinth Journal, Artlink Journal and Offshoot: Contemporary Lifewriting Methodologies and Practice in Australasia. Barratt subscribes to DIWO (Doing it With Others) approach to art making and privileges co-creation as a productive and resistant modality. She collaborates in an ongoing capacity with Francesca da Rimini as In Her Interior and as Swamp Writing with Ashley Haywood and Nick Taylor. (2018)