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Vlado Kristl (1923, Zagreb – 2004, Munich) was a Croatian visual artist, associated with the Exat 51 collective (1950-1956), as well as the filmmakers and animators of the Zagreb Film group. In the mid-1950s, he emigrated to Chile, but returned to Yugoslavia after a few years. In 1962, he was forced to emigrate after his film General caused an uproar. He settled in Hamburg and began lecturing at the Academy of Fine Arts (1979-1997). He continued to make films, which were increasingly iconoclastic and anarchistic. His artistic style is difficult to set firmly within a specific set of parameters. While he was fascinated with geometry and abstraction, he returned to figurative painting later in his career, even portraiture. Martin Brady, a British scholar who wrote his Ph.D. on Kristl’s work, recalled after many years that the artist couldn’t believe it would ever be a successful thesis as he couldn’t imagine anyone might be able to set his work within any theoretical constructs. As it turned out, Kristl was correct in his assessment. From 1997 he lived in southern France. (Source)

Selected exhibitions
  • 1961, Jugoslawische Maler, studio f, Ulm.
  • 1973, De consequenties van de machine, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam.
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