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Vyprazani syr guide to Bratislava[edit]

not that i disliked Vyprazani Syr before i moved to bratislava but i really fell into this when i moved here. Vyprazani syr became part of my life here in Bratislava. that's why i decided to start a listing of all the places where i had it and how it tasted. it is to say, that here there is a thing called 'enzian' - obviously what is in czech called 'hermelin' but commonly known under 'camembert'. of course everybody i ask denies that 'camembert' and 'enzian' is the same. and what is true that there is a slight difference in taste. so Vyprazani syr in Bratislava is not the only thing you get, but there is a special Vyprazani Enzian too. as i like both a lot i don't make difference here - i will point out though if i ate the enzian or the common syr. prices are not indicated either because i don't remember, but the place will be indicated and the specifications of the food served. the ratings are made from 0 - 100 points whereas 100 is the most that can be given.
i hope this will once become a great book for all the Vyprazani syr lovers in the world.

Restauracia: 'Modry dom' in Vajnory
testobject: Vyprazani syr with potato crust
the absolutely best Vyprazani syr i ever had was in the modry dom in vajnory. it comes 'classical' (with breadcrust), in the variant enzian (with cranberry jelly which is rather rare in bratislava) and in the variant 'potato crust'. although it is a more expensive restaurant, the Vyprazani syr in all its variants is in very decent price class.
the testobject had a soft consistence and was made fresh. it comes with tatarska omacka and a pretty impressive salat decoration. the crust is mixed with herbs, that give the whole meal a very nice taste.
POZOR: portion is huge! with two pieces i nearly overate. also prepare mentally for traditional surrounding
rating: very close to perfection, but as nobody can be perfect 99 points for this Vyprazani syr

Restauracia: 'U Majore Zemana' in Stare Mesto (next to Obchodna)
testobject: Vyprazani syr with nutcrust
before i knew the modry dom, this was my favorite syr. still in the absolute upper class of Vyprazani syr and its varieties i never had just 'normal' syr there, because once eaten this you would not eat another one there. the nutcrust gives the whole food a very nice taste as it is very crispy therefore. the syr comes with small salat decoration and tatarska omacka. it's one of the more expensive Vyprazani syr though but absolutely worth its money.
POZOR: also very huge portion!
rating: absolute high class syr so 90 points

Restauracia: 'MS Danubia' at the right bank of the Danube - Stare Mesto
testobject: Vyprazani syr
the testobject comes up with the taste that you would expect from a decent Vyprazani syr. no fancy gadgets but good old style. the salat decoration is pretty big, the cheese freshly made, slightly crispy and good in taste. the very nice tatarska omacka rounds up the picture of an actually very old school prepared syr.
POZOR: the ambiente of the place is a little stiff - the cheese luckily not
rating: slightly above middle class syr it oscillates around 70 points.

Restauracia: 'Kozia Brana' in Stare Mesto (Kozia ulica)
testobject: Vyprazani syr and enzian
this 'gin place' surprises with nice food. although not coming close to the two mentioned above, it has for a very nice prize a very decent Vyprazani syr and enzian. both come with a small salat decoration and tatarska omacka and usual breadcrust. the grease convinces that it has been made fresh and comes directly from the deep frier on the plate.
POZOR: tatarska omacka is more mayonnaise then tatarska omacka.
rating: the good vibes of the restaurant has to be included in the rating, therefore 60 points.

Restauracia: 'Business Pub' in Stare Mesto (up on the castle hill)
testobject: Vyprazani enzian
the ugly name of the restaurant kept us away a long time. due to desperation for food we fell into the place. the interior is not as ugly as the name would let you guess. one of the very rare places that serve instead of tatarska omacka cranberry jam (just with the enzian though!). good middleclass cheese, freshly made and looking nice on the plate. it is also a quite big portion for a quite decent middleclass price. not exciting and not really ugly.
POZOR: the cranberry jam has a little bit a strange taste for my tongue
rating: good vibes of kozia brana is defenitely missing; quite boring pub in a boring environment, therefore 50 points

Restauracia: 'Veza' in the television tower on kamzik mountain
testobject: Vyprazani syr
the most expensive syr i ever had. considering the sight and the place though, it is excused. the cheese comes on a plate whereas the zemiaky are served on an extra plate (outstanding!). the salat decoration is very weak but the tatarska omacka is one of the bests. although not exciting cheese and the crust was also a little bit flabby i was already prepared to give it a better rating. but then (for every vegeterian) the horror started. suddenly i was chewing on a piece of sunka. although in the vegetarian section of the menu and not extra indicated, they put a piece of sunka in the middle of the cheese! together with the not so nice waiters the rating of this vyprazani syr fell therefore in the cellar.
POZOR: with a hangover this place could be dangerous! no fresh air (but airconditioned) and sometimes the restaurant turns!
rating: as for this horrible sunka experience and actually not really nicely made syr i just give it 25 points

Restauracia: Diner on namestie SNP (next to stara trznica)
testobject: Vyprazani syr
the ugliest Vyprazani syr i ever had. it looks ugly and tastes ugly. one of the few places where it is not freshly made, but lies there waiting for its victim. hard as a stone and cold grease on the outside convinces of bad food. the only excuse this place has is that it is more a kantina and serves a lot of people and is incredibly cheap.
POZOR: just go there when you are low on money
rating: no fun factor and bad food would make it a straight 0, but i had to reserve this for the next candidate. therefore 10 points

Restauracia: Fastfood stand 'Santa Fe' in Shopping Palace (Zlate piesky)
testobject: Vyprazani syr
although the Vyprazani syr menu is called 'Santa Barbara menu' it cannot mask the fact that it's the ugliest thing ever seen. to call this grey, hard, greasy and ugly thing food in the first place is beyond understanding. defenitely the worst thing a Vyprazani syr lover can experience. not even the ambiente can save this situation anymore as it is placed in the middle of the Shopping palace. even when you are low on money it's a waste.
POZOR: shopping center atmosphere can kill your nerves completely!
rating: horrible atmosphere and food that is none lead to a straight 0!
ADDON: after being in shopping palace again i found out that the 'Santa Barbara menu' is not vyprazani syr but vyprazani sampiniony. but i think there is not really a difference of the rating i wrote. if it will ever happen that i will varify this rating and i was really wrong about it, then i will for the sake of justice change it here too.