We All Die Alone

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We All Die Alone
Author Mark Newgarden
Editor Dan Nadel
Design Helene Silverman
Language English
Publisher Fantagraphics ($22)
City Seattle
Year 2005
Pages 192
Format 20 cm x 22.8 cm
Fabrication Offset
ISBN 978-1-5609766-1-5
E-book PDF (175 mb)

Acclaimed cartoonist Mark Newgarden debuted in the first issue of RAW magazine in 1980 and his work subsequently found its way into a variety of high and low profile media. He co-created the 1980s pop culture fad Garbage Pail Kids, wrote, drew, and syndicated a weekly humor feature in the 1990s, and created a Web Premiere Toon for The Cartoon Network called B. Happy.

Newgarden's comics are hilarious, alarming, and masterful uses of the medium, alternating between old-time gags and avant-garde storytelling, often on the same page without missing a comedic beat. His syndicated strip in such publications as L.A. Weekly and The New York Press exerted a fresh influence on the medium. Today they remain as vital and entertaining as when they first appeared. Those syndicated comics make up the bulk of this book, the balance drawing on Newgarden's long form stories from various anthologies, including the much-lauded Love's Savage Fury.

In addition to compiling his comics, this book is a full picture of the artist, his influences, and his many other careers. An avid collector and historian of 20th century ephemera, Newgarden has achieved the rare distinction of both contributing to and furthering the mediums he collects: novelties, comics, and cartoons. Newgarden remains a great link to the past while moving ever further into the future. (from publisher)