Yael Kanarek

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Yael Kanarek has developed a unique vocabulary of artistic networked interfaces that combine photography, graphics, hypertext, sculpture, and performance. For the past decade she has integrated a range of media into a visual system titled World of Awe (www.worldofawe.net). Grounded with an original narrative that builds on the ancient genre of a traveler's tale, Kanarek’s World of Awe explores connections between storytelling, travel, memory, and technology.

Her most recent body of works in net art (www.donialrahba.ps) and physical installations looks at repetition and difference between English, Arabic and Hebrew, which are three languages that form the semantic landscape of her childhood. Kanarek is represented by bitforms gallery in New York.

In 1999, Kanarek emailed a few fellow artists to meet for a drink at an East Village bar in New York City. This casual gesture grew into Upgrade! International.