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Born 1975. Digital alchemist (AKA Zden). Graduated from computer science at Slovak Technical University in Bratislava (2000). His works include computer animations, demos, digital motion video, postproduced photography, digital prints, VJ performances, net.art, and web design. Since 1995 active in demoscene community. In 1998 co-started and curates digital gallery message.sk. In 1999 founded openformat visual/code collective and label Satori. In 1999 and 2000 organized online net.art competition web4096. Co-organized demo parties Demobit. Member of no-such net.art collective. Since 2001 have been developing own visual software synthesizer Circulation. From 2001 until today performing as VJ at FM4 shows in Austria. In 2003 was awarded Honorary Mention at Transmediale festival for video Reality Over. Performed with a number of sound artists including Pomassl, Biosphere, Rehberg & Bauer, Koji Asano, Hiaz, Safety Scissors, Tigrics, Mouse on Mars, David Kollar, Trosky and others. Since 2006 for few year member of Angakkut. Band VJ for Hooverphonic during 2005-2006 "No more sweet music" European tour. 2014: "Visual Digital Freedom Manifesto" released online. 2014: Release of public and free design tool "Geometric Photo Filter" successfully used by other artists (e.g. Vladimír Havrilla, "Po kúpeli 2", 2017). "Geometric Toy - Fulla", 2014 - created during Hackathon at Slovak National Gallery and honoured with a price. Since 2016 creating Crypto Puzzles visual artworks, holding bounty for the winner - released works: "crypto.haluska.sk". Since 2016 main organizer of "Demobit - International Demoparty". In 2018 released "Astro Miner" online game. 2019: Release of commercial plugin "Geometric Filter" based on the free public version.

Lives in Bratislava.

Latest real-time software art releases (under Satori label)

"More demo scene related releases (1995-2019)"

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