Zuzana Wienk

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Zuzana Wienk is a founder and a program director of a leading Slovak political watchdog NGO – Fair-Play Alliance. Wienk graduated from Commenius University in Bratislava with a major in journalism. Before founding Fair-Play Alliance in 2002 she worked as a reporter and columnist in number of opinion-making media. She was a member of a self-regulatory body for ethics in print media – the Press Board, member of variety of juries and belongs to most quoted Slovak political analysts.

Wienk is an author of number of innovative concepts aimed to fight corruption, e.g. a voluntary asset disclosure web based project hosting detailed declarations of the Slovak Prime Minister, former Speaker of Parliament, members of government and parliament. She also developed philosophy of a respected Award for courages fighters for public interest (the White Crow) which not only celebrates such individuals but offers them help and support and creates a community of reformists.

Wienk is often a member of governmental working groups concerned with anti-corruption and transparency legislation and her expertise on party finance, electoral campaigns, conflict of interest, access to public information and judiciary is often used by universities, media, foreign delegations and international institutions during their visits to Slovakia.

Lives in Bratislava.